Competências na Educação Profissional - é possível avaliá-las?

  • Léa Depresbiteris
Palavras-chave: Vocational Training, Competence, Evaluation, Cognitive Resources, Competence Mobilization


This article seeks to stimulate reflection on a burning issue: have vocational training institutions been able to evaluate competences, or would it be more prudent to think that what is being evaluated are resources – various knowledges – which have the potential to mobilize those competences? Taking into account that a competent practitioner is one who tackles unexpected situations, who builds his/her competences on a ongoing basis, live and in full color, how can we judge, in a categorical fashion, whether or not one is competent in the framework of his/her training? Such questions are the backdrop for a discussion initiated in the article with the concept of the theme complexity and, consequently, with the need for analyzing the multiple aspects involved in evaluating competences.


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Depresbiteris, L. (2005). Competências na Educação Profissional - é possível avaliá-las?. Boletim Técnico Do Senac, 31(2), 1-11. Recuperado de